Dead Scholars' Whispers is a fantasy adventure webcomic intended for audiences age 16+. It is generally SFW, but please take a look at the list of CWs here before reading.

There is no set update schedule - when a chapter is finished, it is uploaded as a whole. Drawing a new chapter from start to finish can take anywhere between one to three months, depending on my health and what life's up to in general.


In the city state of Westerport, where magic is banned for the safety of the citizens, Anka, the thief comes across a mysterious artefact that brings him nothing but grief. Deciphering the workings of the device promptly becomes a race against time, and life doesn't just stop for the sake of letting him figure it all out without dragging the people he most cares about into his mess.


Anka Fehri 


He would never ever hide his debilitating insecurities and wish to prove himself behind snark or mock-arrogance, what? 

Jethro Keep 


When it comes to decisions, his idealism often wins over his sense of responsibility, and only he would be impulsive enough to corner a criminal alone in the middle of the night without letting anyone know...

Lucia E. M. 


Lucia reads people like scholars read books and scrolls. Her talent for understanding and mirroring human nature has saved her friends on more than one occasion, but can it save them from themselves?

Emi Bell 


Anka's fellow rogue and one of his closest friends and his main enabler. Her curiosity knows no bounds and she's forever chasing improvement in everything she does.

Clementine Claw 


How long can your sense of duty resist the corruption of a soft spot you should've given up a long time ago?